Benevolence WG
Benevolence Scheherazade Ortiz 
is a member of the Wubb Girlz. She is the youngest of the songtressess. 


Benevolence is warmhearted, kind and responsible. She is fairly shy and innocent, because of this, she is often seen sticking with her close sister, Shimmer. Benevolence does not like fights. This is because her pain reflex is around five times more sensitive than an average person. Thus, it is a great disadvantage. She shys away from anything sharp or anything able to inflict pain. Like her older sisters, she will never give up on her sisters and friends, no matter how bad a situation can be at times.


Benevolence is light-blue skinned and has curled markings on her face. She has orange hair that is kept in a pony-tail with bangs. Her main attire consists a pink top wih a heart design on the front and a pink skirt. Underneath she wears a dark shaded lavender thigh-length bodysuit. She wears pink knee-high boots with heart designs going all the way down.

Benevolence's Headcanon Voice-001:39

Benevolence's Headcanon Voice-0

Benevolence's Official Voice

Benevolence Ortiz - Beautiful Day-003:16

Benevolence Ortiz - Beautiful Day-0

Benevolence sings her first solo, "Beautiful Day".

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