"Angelique" Shimmer Ortiz is member of the Wubb Girlz. She is one of the oldest songtressess in the group.


Shimmer can be defined as kind yet a little spunky. Like Shine, she never gives up on her sisters and friends, no matter how bad a situation can seem at times.


Shimmer is light-blue skinned wth curled markings on her face. She has fuchsia pink hair that is kept poofy up top while most of it drapes along her head and the hair up top is kept in place with a pink hairband. Her main attire consists a pink top with a polka dot design on the front and a pink skirt with hoop earrings and a hoop bracelet on both wrists. Underneath is a lavender thigh-length bodysuit. She wears pink boots with a polka dot design.